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What is belly dance?

 Where belly dance comes from?

 There are different versions of the history of Belly dance, but in sertain aspects they all have a common point. This dance is many thousands years old, it started in the Middle East, and it was a part of the old Slovenian culture as well.  Thus we have the nature of belly dance in our genes, and it is noticed by many women who joins belly dance courses. It is natural for the body and can be learned independently on age or previous dance experience.


 According to archives Oriental Dance appeared approximately 10.000 years ago in Tibet and from there it has spread all over other countries, where it went through different transformations.  During certain period of time it was a means to attract a man. In another period of time it was ritual dance, which was performed exclusively for the husband. In other period it had a religious meaning and was performed in a temple to honor the Goddess of Fertility. There were also times when women bellydanced only among themselves, and men were not allowed to watch it. More recently it was an aspect of harem life, and at the present it became populare in the West as refined art and fitness therapy. In the Oriental World this dance can be found now in 8 different forms, which have many variations of styles within themselves. In all these styles we can find back traces of each historical transformation of Belly dance.

 What is so special about bellydance?

  Belly dance is a profound receipt to keep youthful look and flexible body for long time. It is done in a soft, natural way, which is very suitable for a woman who wants to be fit and feminine at the same time.

  Enormous variety of new movements (as shakes, waves, accents and twists) activate muscles which were never used before. These muscles, when trained, spontaneously create a feminine gracious walk style.

 Shakes are an excellent replacement of massage machines, which are used to reduce fat.

 Supple movements are stretching the spine and rib cage, which improves posture and gives lively feeling in the body.

 Massages  inner organs, stimulating blood circulation and  energy flow in pelvic and abdominal area.

 Effectively  reshapes  belly and weist in desirable way.

 Each practice of  belly dance releases emotional and physical tension, clears the mind, improves mood.

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